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! The WAHM Connection was created in 2000 to be the ultimate place online where women in business can go to find all of the resources and information they need to continue the growth of their businesses. 

A work at home mom has a lot to take on. Building a home business can be one of the hardest things she'll ever do. Sticking with it, and seeing it become successful will be one of the best things you could ever do. 

We offer advertising options for your WAHM business. We also offer ideas for growing your business and recruiting your team. Sales contest ideas, home party printable games and themes.

What we've learned after speaking with many WAHMs is that the ones that succeed are the ones that TRULY give it 110%! They don't just buy a kit and wait for money to fall from the skies. They WORK their business! And we here to help the WAHMs that want to do just that!

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A FUN and Easy Way to Get Bookings at Your Direct Sales Home Parties without all of the hard work. This is a tried and true way that is sure to cause your guests to laugh and have a blast. In fact, they will want to book parties from you, and you are not even the one that will be doing the work of asking them! Now...what's not to love about that? Read more...

Research Tips for Choosing a Direct Sales Company That is Right For You!
Starting in direct sales requires research to choose the direct sales opportunity that is right for you. Different companies offer some great packages to their representatives, and learning about the details of compensation plans and commissions will allow you to make an informed decision on which option is best for you. What things should be kept in mind during the research process? Read more

How to Use Facebook to Build Your Business!
Learn how to use Facebook to help grow your business! The possibilities are endless! You'll find several pages that will help you with your Social Media Marketing Skills! Read more

FREE Printables!
If you are in the Direct Sales Industry, you love things that can make life a little bit easier! Here you will find several FREE Printables that will help you especially if you are on the go. You'll find things for the consultant, the hostess, for recruiting, and also fundraising! Read more

Motivation & Quotes…
Lacking motivation? Workplace motivation can be hard for home business owners too. Staying motivated to keep your business going and see it through the early stages, as well as the slow or difficult stages is something all direct sales reps and home business owners go through. Read more

Home Party Theme Ideas
Having a home party? Direct sales businesses are booming and there are more home parties than ever. As a direct sales rep you want your home party to stand out and get attention, so that word of mouth will ensure even more bookings. Read more

Home Party Games…
You have a home party coming up, and need to spruce it up a notch. It's so important to make your home parties fun for all the guests. When the guests have fun, they want to book parties. This is the way you can keep your business going strong. Here we share some home party games with you, but what's even better is that you can print them if you choose to do so! We are trying to make things easier on all direct sales consultants. Read more

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WAHM MARKETING - When you first sign up for a home business, your initial thought may be, "What have I done?!" Though your mentor can be very helpful, you will also need to rely on yourself for even more. Learn More...

WAHM PROMOTION - Providing years of help & resources for WAHM business owners. NO matter what company you're with, it doesn't matter. Understanding what it takes to build your business and your team is KEY. Learn More...

Going From a SAHM to a WAHM?

7 Questions for Those Wanting to Join a Direct Sales Plan

Are you a stay at home mom, thinking about becoming a work at home mom?

Not sure what route you want to take?

A lot of moms turn to direct sales. With the variety and quality of direct sales companies out's an easy way to get your feet wet in having your own home business.

Though it may not be for everyone - direct sales has some success stories that will have you saying, "Wow!".

But don't go into it thinking....I will never make much money....I'll never win a cruise, a car....

Just go into KNOWING what you ARE getting into and go from there. If the business and products fit your style - the rest will come naturally.

The number of direct sales opportunities abounds and grows more and more every day, especially with the ability of the Internet to help them reach even more people. If you choose the right business, the possibilities for success are extremely reachable. You can make a very good living as a direct sales company rep, but only if you choose the perfect one for your situation.

I've done Avon for years. I love Avon. And though some feel it's a saturated market, or that Avon "only" sells make-up (hardly!) -- I have found it to be a very lucrative business. I have a team of over 160 and for me it's fun, flexible and easy.

You can read all about selling Avon on my site

But how did I choose Avon?? Well...I asked questions...a lot of questions.

So remember to do the same when you're researching a direct sales business.

How do you know which company to choose? Ask yourself and the person trying to recruit you, before making your choice.

There are questions you should ask your direct sales representative as well as yourself. Read more to see what types of questions you should ask...

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