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Hostess Coaching Checklist



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1. During a show I recognize the Hostess for the things he/she did to help his/her show be more successful. (Timely return of guests list, outside orders, booking before the night of the show).

2. When a guest at a show books his/her own show. I give him/her a Hostess Packet that night, and go through it completely with him/her to ensure him/her of a successful show.

3. When Hostess Coaching a Hostess I make sure they are aware that the credits from their show may be used one of two ways and what the options are. (Regular or Starter Show)

4. When I discuss the Hostess Packet with a Hostess, I ask for the guest list to be returned to me in 3-4 days, and write that date on the guest list so she/he remembers.

5. When I don't receive a guest list on the requested date I phone him/her or drop him/her a card to reminder them.

6. I include 2 guest list sheets in a Hostess Packet and discuss filling out both of them with the Hostess.

7. When I receive a guest list back with less than 20 names, I call the Hostess and discuss out strategy for attendance and sales.

8. I make sure a Hostess knows what his/her monthly Hostess Specials are.

9. I mail the appropriate monthly Hostess Flyer to each Hostess.

10. I include at least one of each current catalog and 10 order forms in each Hostess Packet for outside orders.

11. I include a Wish List form, and/or help the Hostess make a wish a list, so I can work with him/her on a goal for his/her show and help her know how to reach it.

12. When I am working with a Hostess before his/her Show, I encourage them and work with them to have at least 1 booking scheduled before the night of his/her show.

13. Three days before a show I call the Hostess and remind him/her to call his/her Guests to remind them and suggest they bring a friend.

14. The day before a show I call the Hostess to see how he/she is doing with outside orders and bookings, to get directions, see if he/she wants to see any particular pieces of product, find out approximately how many he/she is expecting, etc.

15. When working with a Hostess we set a goal for outside orders sales (minimum $100) and a goal for total show sales, as well as a booking goal.

16. When working with a Hostess I set the level of expectations to close the night of the show.

17. Prior to the show, I talk to the Hostess about or give them information on the business opportunity with Your Company.

18. At a show I allow time to speak to the Hostess about his/her two options, before guests arrive.

19. I ask every Hostess if he/she has ever considered doing what I do.

20. I ask for referrals both sponsoring and booking at a show.

For a printable version of this checklist please click here.

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